Partenamut – Digital Analyst

Partenamut is a health insurance belonging to the national group Partena. Active in Brussels and Wallonia, Partenamut has more than 950.000 clients and 70 physical stores.

Project description

Partenamut is in the midst of their Digital transformation. Two years ago, all the client interactions were taking place in physical contact points. Now, a large part of these interactions happen online through their Partenamut on web tool.

My mission is to setup all the collection, organisation and presentation of all the web data collected online.

2 Years


My Responsibilities

I am the only Digital Analyst working in Partenamut. I am responsible for :

  • Implementing the Advanced Tag Management System and Datalayer
  • Implementing the Advanced Collection of Web Data
  • Creating automated Dashboards and Reports
  • Creation of personalized onboarding tutorials
  • Project management for the Digital Transformation of Partenamut

Digital Analyst

full time